Wednesday, 23 January, 2019

LG adds Google AI in 'smart home' push

DISH TV announces Google Assistant integration
       By Rei Padla DISH TV announces Google Assistant integration By Rei Padla
Sherri Watson | 11 January, 2018, 06:10

Only a few months ago did JBL launch its Link series, four speakers with Google Assistant built-in and now it has added a fifth member to the family, the Link View. As part of the development, you will be able to manage and control a wide range of Insteon lighting system such as wall switches, plugs, outlets with voice. "We have been through a lot of work to achieve this with [our] high end speakers - it's.relatively easy in small devices [like Echo or Google Home] but more hard [for us]". That means you'll be able to get visual answers to your commands, watch YouTube videos, make Duo calls, and group it with other Assistant and Chromecast speakers in your house.

Commenting on the development, Rob Lilleness, CEO of Insteon disclosed that the company continues to build interoperability with popular companies such as Google to enhance the customer experience with their connected home devices. Via the Google Assistant, users can navigate, play, pause, fast-forward, rewind and search TV content based on channel, title, actor and genre. An Amazon Echo Show is $230, so the ThinQ WK9 should be in the same category. As for LG, it has an advantage because the company knows the smart home game. Of course, Google's Assistant brings all of its useful and fun features, such as smart home control, your daily schedule run-down, and news briefings.

Lou Schreurs, VP, Connected Home & Luxury Audio BU, General Management says, "When we launched the LINK series a year ago it represented a major milestone for us, as the first voice-activated, multi-room speakers to use Google Assistant and deliver Grammy award-winning JBL sound".