Saturday, 19 January, 2019

Uttar Pradesh Shia waqf board chief — Madrasas generate terrorists

Shia Central Waqf Board chairman Rizvi said the madrasas should be affiliated to CBSE ICSE and should allow non Muslim students Uttar Pradesh Shia waqf board chief — Madrasas generate terrorists
Melinda Barton | 10 January, 2018, 20:11

He also demanded a ban on madrasa education in the present form and suggested that madrasas be turned into schools imparting modern education to all, irrespective of caste and religion.

The Shia Waqf Board chairman Waseem Rizvi on Tuesday created a fur-ore when he wrote a letter to PM Narendra Modi and CM Yogi Adityanath saying that madrasas produce terrorists and should be merged into mainstream schools. "I have written to the PM and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in this regard", he said in a tweet, adding, "This will make our country even stronger". He claimed that these madrassas were mushrooming in nearly every city, town and village and were providing "misplaced and misconceived religious education".

"As far as the standard of education is concerned, it is the only education system which is giving 100% employment to its students and you will not find a single incidence of violence or misbehavior in Madrasas across the country", Maulana Khalid Rashid, All India Muslim Personal Law Board told Sputnik.

However, the BJP's Shahnawaz Hussain said that the BJP governments at the Centre and in Uttar Pradesh had no plans to shut down the madrassas and were, instead, working towards the modernisation of education imparted in these institutes. He alleged that the madrassas were being funded from Pakistan and Bangladesh, and even by some terror outfits.

The letter also said that it has been found in certain cases that the education of these institutions is encouraging the students to join terrorist ranks.

Claiming that a large number of madrasas are not registered, lack basic facilities and have mostly untrained teachers, Rizvi wrote that such an education can not be utilised to crack competitive examinations.

All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (UP) convener Syed Waqar Ahmed called Rizvi a "buffoon" and an opportunist. He has sold his soul to RSS.

He also challenged Rizvi to to show one madrasa where such teachings are imparted. He had given a hint to this directive when as many as 51 girls were rescued on December 30 in a raid on a madrasa in Lucknow and thecaretakerr was arrested for harassing them sexually.