Sunday, 23 September, 2018

Smartphones with in-display fingerprint sensor showcased at CES 2018

Vivo Showed Its First Phone With In Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology Source https
Theresa Hayes | 10 January, 2018, 21:14

Some analysts predicted that the OEM was Vivo, and the company confirmed those suspicious at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

Because of the way the scanner module sits under the glass and peeks through the OLED pixels to scan your fingerprint, it'll only work on OLED panels though. "Compared to fingerprint sensors on the back of smartphones, Vivo In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology offers a more convenient operation without sacrificing the sleek and unified design of the smartphone".

For months previous year, the iPhone X was rumored to have a fingerprint sensor under the display thanks to new screen technology that would allow Apple to increase the screen size of the iPhone by killing top and bottom bezels.

While companies like Apple are busy replacing the fingerprint scanner with Face ID, Vivo is trying to take the security protocol to the next level by putting the scanner on the screen itself.

Possible reports point out that Vivo finally showcases the next-gen. biometric scanning technology implemented in Vivo smartphone and has been developed by Synaptics. Let us know your thoughts below. The phone is ready for mass production and will be launched in coming months. While tech giants were said to have been exploring this technology, Vivo took the lead and gave a sneak peak of the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor at MWC Shanghai a year ago.

According to the senior VP at Vivo (Alex Feng), the device will provide a more comfortable authentication experience and it will be officially announced early 2018.

Chinese manufacturer Vivo teamed up with Synaptics to launch the first ever device to have an in-display fingerprint scanner at CES 2018. "We are very excited to make it available to consumers soon". Whereas others, just trans-locate the fingerprint scanner to the back, either beside the primary camera or below it, either way there are more chances of users accidently touching the lens-cover and leave sweaty smudges on it, resulting in distorted images.

Previously, the company had announced a partnership with Synaptics to integrate its own in-display fingerprint mechanism named Clear ID. The prompt can appear even when the screen is off, and will disappear when it is no longer needed.