Tuesday, 23 January, 2018

Google Assistant Finally Gets a Web Directory Which Enlists All Supported Services

The Latest: Got batteries? Outage stalls giant tech show Google Assistant Finally Gets a Web Directory Which Enlists All Supported Services
Sherri Watson | 10 January, 2018, 11:05

Because smartphone interfaces are often more familiar and easier to use than those built into cars, we find ourselves asking how we ever lived without Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. "It's been an exciting year to see the platform expand to new languages and devices and to see what [third-party developers have] created". Also, you can check your fuel level, lock doors, and more using Assistant.

Today, Assistant is debuting in two more important places: screens, and cars. Whatever the distinction might be, based on Google's announcement, now it's backed by the Google Assistant.

This ecosystem is exploding: Google notes that there are over 400 million Assistant-enabled devices in the world. They're organized by categories such as "Games and fun", "Music and audio", and "Arts and lifestyle", and the homepage shows a list of new and trending Assistant apps - each with users ratings, instructions on how to use it, and the list of devices that support it. These headphones are optimized for the Google Assistant; once you pair them to your phone, you can talk to the Assistant instantly with just the touch of an earbud, whether you want to skip a track to hear the next song, get notifications, or hear and respond to your messages. Starting this week in the USA, the Assistant is coming to Android Auto. Soon users will have an option to reserve a parking space with SpotHero or order favorite drink or food from Starbucks from the road. Those range from looking up photos with Google Photos to starting a meditation session from Headspace.

To help you discover the Actions available on the Assistant, we have a new directory page. They have also re-done the version on our phones too. And we bet you'll find a few gems you never knew the Assistant could do. If last year's CES was the year of Alexa, Google Assistant is dominating the conversation in 2018.