Thursday, 18 October, 2018

Amid flu surge, IN residents urged to get flu shots

Fears of Australian flu deaths grow as infection spreads rapidly across UK in 24 hours Cases have jumped in the past 24 hours
Melissa Porter | 09 January, 2018, 15:21

California is one of the 26 states reporting high flu activity.

"The flu has definitely arrived in Butte County", Butte County Public Health communication director Lisa Almaguer said. Many had received a flu shot.

State health officials recommend Delawareans to get a flu shot as soon as possible.

Chief Executive of Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Karen Partington, said: "Like other NHS organisations across the country, we have seen an increase in respiratory conditions, more severe illness, and an increase in flu which means our hospitals are very busy".

"Flu season is something that all school districts are concerned about, so we do everything we can to prevent people from missing school and that includes all our staff". That news organization also reported crowded emergency rooms in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties and that some Bay Area hospitals Area are limiting visitors under the age of 16 as a precaution, as young people can be more vulnerable to the flu.

More than 6 percent of outpatient visits during the last week of 2017 were for an influenza-like illness, which is a fever of at least 100 degrees with a cough and/or sore throat. Hospital officials in IN have gone so far as to begin restricting hospital visits in order to prevent the flu from spreading.

Weekly flu information by the CDC can be found here. At the time of the 2014-2015 epidemic, mortality rates due to P&I reached 8.5 percent. One flu-related death has been reported in the state.

Two Delawareans died from the flu in December. Many others can not call in sick due to the precarious nature of their employment, putting neighbors and family at risk of infection.

But this year's B strain, known as B/Yamagata, began circulating in the fall, much earlier than is usually the case. UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, for example, typically sees around 140 patients per day. Emergency rooms in Chicago dealing with the flu have led to a backup in admission of ambulance patients, forcing ambulances to hold patients longer.

By comparison, three deaths were recorded for all age groups for the entire flu season previous year, according to the Public Health Department.

Several hospitals throughout the state have resorted to setting up makeshift emergency facilities in outdoor tents to take care of the patient flow.

The health board has also offered general advice to anyone suffering from flu and how to help prevent its spread.

The outbreak is causing overcrowding in local hospitals and urgent care centers.

"Even though it's not ideal, it's still the best protection we have".

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