Wednesday, 17 October, 2018

Russian Federation warns against foreign meddling in Iran

Russian Federation warns against foreign meddling in Iran Russian Federation warns against foreign meddling in Iran
Melinda Barton | 02 January, 2018, 19:38

At least 10 people were killed overnight, in what state media said Monday were clashes between police and "armed protesters" who had attempted to infiltrate security outposts.

The protests against the government's handling of the economy, which began Thursday and have spread to several cities, are the largest seen in Iran since those that followed a disputed 2009 presidential election.

The Iranian State television aired footage of a ransacked private bank, broken windows, overturned cars and a firetruck that appeared to have been set ablaze.

The Supreme National Security Council also said Monday that the protests have been backed by several foreign countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia, with almost 30 percent of the new anti-Tehran hashtags on social media created in Saudi Arabia.

In a later report, it said six people were killed in the western town of Tuyserkan and three in Shahinshahr, to the southwest and south of Tehran, but did not say where the tenth person was killed. Up to 70 protesters were killed in those protests.

On Monday, the semi-official ILNA news agency quoted Hedayatollah Khademi, a representative for the town of Izeh, as saying two people died there Sunday night.

Unsigned statements on social media urged Iranians to demonstrate again in Tehran and 50 other towns and cities. The slaying marked the first security force member to be killed in the unrest.

Earlier, activists had said that two demonstrators were shot and killed Saturday during peaceful protests.

The government said it was temporarily restricting access to the Telegram messaging app and Instagram.

On Monday, Rouhani held talks with Iran's members of parliaments, acknowledging protesters' anger over the country's economy. The clashes were sparked off as protesters tried to steal guns, according to the reports.

"I demand all prosecutors across the country to get involved and the approach should be strong", he said. Many of those sanctions were lifted as part of a nuclear deal with world powers in 2015, but few Iranians have benefited from the relief.

Trump has been a sharp critic of Iran and the nuclear deal the country signed in 2015 with the USA and other world powers.

Iran's leaders believe they can count on support from numerous generation that took part in the 1979 revolution due to their ideological commitment and the economic gains they have made under the government, analysts say. "They're also demanding more freedoms", Rowhani said Monday, in an indirect attack on regime hardliners who oppose his attempts to push through political and cultural reforms. In remarks carried on state TV, he said Iranians had the right to criticise authorities but also warned of a crackdown. "The watching!" They seek the basic liberties that have been denied to them for decades. The demonstrations were sparked by economic grievances, but some protesters have chanted against the government and the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Regional governor Mostafa Samali told Fars that only one person was killed in an incident unrelated to the protests, and the suspected shooter had been arrested.

'We regret the loss of life that has occurred in the protests in Iran, and call on all concerned to refrain from violence and for global obligations on human rights to be observed, ' he said.