Friday, 20 July, 2018

Amazon Leaks 18 Possible Nintendo Switch Games

Amazon Leaks 18 Possible Nintendo Switch Games Amazon Leaks 18 Possible Nintendo Switch Games
Theresa Hayes | 02 January, 2018, 14:53

- Several current star developers at Nintendo had no video game experience when they were hired.

What's more, the placeholders all feature an image saying, "Just announced at the Nintendo Switch event".

We may also see a release for the Arcade Archives version of Double Dragon.

By deferring the release of 64 GB cartridges, it's probably safe to assume that Switch owners will not be able to enjoy a number of this year's AAA game releases. It also has a touchscreen mode, something that was lacking from the recent Picross S. He landed his first gig at Nintendo after showing then-CEO Hiroshi Yamauchi some of his homemade toys. We'll add any last-minute additions, plus full European Union pricing, as soon as we receive confirmation. The Nintendo's efforts in mobile games began in November 2016 with "Super Mario Run".

Amazon has recently added more than dozen unannounced games for the Nintendo Switch, hinting at a potential Nintendo Direct. Nintendo has usually held a Direct at the start of the year to announce their games lineup for the rest of the year. The Switch launched with only 13 games 2 of which were made by Nintendo. This also makes Mario Odyssey first title in the list. Every single one is found at a price range between $59.99 Dollars and $99.99 USD. After the disappointing performance of the Wii U, Switch has managed to sell 10 million consoles since the launch of the device in March. So much so that it nearly broke the number of units sold at launch marked by the PlayStation 2 many years ago.

It could be that Amazon was simply getting ahead of itself and doesn't in fact have any confirmation of the titles set to be announced, but it's much more exciting to imagine the opposite is true, and that this supposed January Nintendo Direct is going to give us a massive helping of Switch software to look forward to in 2018.