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Woman battling cancer gets married hours before passing away

Woman battling cancer gets married hours before passing away Woman battling cancer gets married hours before passing away
Melissa Porter | 01 January, 2018, 20:10

The couple planned to marry on 30 December but doctors told them to move the date forward.

But Heather made it into her gown and to the hospital's chapel where she exchanged vows with Dave in front of her family and friends. On Saturday-the day the wedding was meant to be-David joined friends and family at the church they planned to say "I do" to celebrate the life of his wife during a funeral service.

A CT couple was staying true to the vows of marriage - in sickness and in health - before they ever said "I do".

Heather Mosher, from CT, married her husband, David Mosher a few days before Christmas, after the couple brought the wedding forward out of fears Heather wouldn't make it to their planned ceremony on 30 December.

Christina Karas-Heather's friend and bridesmaid-captured the photo after the couple exchanged vows, which ended up being her last words before the 31-year-old died.

David said: 'She didn't know I was going to propose that night, but I said to myself, she needs to know she's not going to go down this road alone.

But the love story of the couple took an unpleasant turn on December 23, 2016 when Lindsay was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Recalling Heather's celebration, David said it reminded him of someone crossing the finish line of a marathon.

Heather and David met at a swing dance class in May 2015 and quickly became inseparable. "We went out on the carriage ride and I proposed to her under a street light", David explained. They were originally set for December 30 - that is, until Heather Mosher's doctor suggested the couple Wednesday "sooner rather than later", the groom said.

'We found out it was in her brain and a couple months later, she was on life support with a breathing tube, ' David said.

Despite many experts saying she would not make it through October, Lindsay kept going.

David said he knew it was going to be their last time together and it seemed like "the strangest funeral I've ever been to".

'She was tough. Anyone else would have given up a long time ago.

"We had a great love", David continued.

Despite losing his wife hours after they got married, he's taken her fighting spirit with him.

December 30th was supposed to be the happiest day of David and Heather's life. "It was the hardest hour of my life", Mosher told

And, he added, he's been inspired by his wife's determination: "Heather said, 'I want to keep fighting, ' so that's the mantra I'm picking up. She was able to fight till the end, I'm going to fight until my end".