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Snap launches Lens Studio, an augmented reality creator for Snapchat

Snap launches Lens Studio, an augmented reality creator for Snapchat Snap launches Lens Studio, an augmented reality creator for Snapchat
Theresa Hayes | 15 December, 2017, 12:56

Get ready for even more AR Lenses. Although Lens Studio does come equipped with various guides and additional tools (such as 2D and 3D design templates) that are created to make the process easier to digest and navigate. Once Lenses are finished, the software will generate a Snapcode that can be used by others to access the finished product - by scanning the QR code.

Once complete, a new, unique Snapcode or deep link will be generated for Snapchatters to discover and scan to unlock the Lens.

In September, Snapchat introduced sponsored 3D World Lenses, giving advertisers the opportunity to feature targeted campaigns on the platform. Recipients can then "swipe up" to unlock the Lens themselves. If you've spent any amount of time on the internet, the dancing hotdog is a testament to how easily an AR lens can turn into a meme.

Anyone can download Lens Studio and start designing AR content for Snapchat, but one of the big targets for the new AR app is advertisers.

Although Snapchat is still struggling to net a profit, they make a million dollars a day with branded AR lenses.

Snap explains that Lens Studio offers guidelines and frameworks that help users build World Lens filters. "We're really excited to take this tool, and make it as simple as possible for any creator out there to have a presence on Snapchat". Maybe you. That's the hope of Snap, which for the first time in the company's history, will allow anyone with a computer and a little spare time to make its addictive Lenses-those 3D, augmented reality figures that can show up in your snaps.

The Snapchat Lens Studio makes it easier for brands to participate in augmented reality on Snapchat, which many advertisers had complained was too cumbersome under the old process.

Snapchat has a heated augmented reality rivalry going with Facebook, which has opened a Camera Effects studio to offer similar technology to ad agencies and developers to create this digital experiences. Studio - which resembles the internal tool that Snap uses to build Snapchat Lenses, according to The Verge - is chock full of templates and guides for three-dimensional and two-dimensional lens designs, and has a application programming interface (API) that lets budding Lens designers add animations and touch interations. The company says that 70 million users a day interact with Snapchat's 3,000 Lenses, and that they spend an average of three minutes apiece with them.

"We've been doing this more than 2.5 years", said Eitan Pilipski, VP of camera platform at Snap. These will be viable for one year, the firm said.