Monday, 10 December, 2018

Google Maps gettting real-time notifications soon

Google Maps gettting real-time notifications soon Google Maps gettting real-time notifications soon
Theresa Hayes | 11 December, 2017, 19:49

In a new update to Google Maps, journey tracking will now notify users as they approach their stop.

Google Maps now has the option of Motorcycle Mode showing up alongside vehicle, public transit and walking options. These interactive notifications let you scroll through your entire journey.

When you search for directions on Maps, you'll soon be able to tap a Start button towards the bottom of the screen, reports TechCrunch. Live updates will be provided as you walk or ride.

The update is an indication that Google Maps is becoming interactive, especially with the addition of a lock screen notification.

The details about when these useful features will be rolling out to the public are not cleared yet but we expect this update to go live soon.

Just a week ago, Google Maps got the "Two-wheeler" feature, and now the app is ready for its new feature which will inform the user when to get off a bus or a train while travelling.

Google recently introduced an India-first Google Maps feature called "Two-Wheeler Mode" to offer the shortest and most convenient route to bikers. With that update, you can now park your auto, open Google Maps, and tap on the blue location dot. The dot location can be adjusted to include, photos and notes to your parking lot. The notifications will definitely be useful in case you fall asleep.

They'll save you from having to unlock your phone and consult the Maps app every time you want to remind yourself of the directions you need to take.