Wednesday, 12 December, 2018

What the Hell Just Happened in Death Stranding's Game Awards Trailer

Hideo Kojima Reveals New Death Stranding Trailer What the Hell Just Happened in Death Stranding's Game Awards Trailer
Stacy Diaz | 08 December, 2017, 07:35

He was joined by Norman Reedus, who joked about finding the footage just as esoteric as the rest of us.

You can't expect to make much sense of anything Hideo Kojima does in the video game space, at least not without spending dozens of hours sticking scrawled notes on chalkboards and tying string between screenshots of the many iterations of Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

Another Game Awards means we get another Death Stranding trailer. The whole thing gives off a horror game vibe, so maybe we don't have to be sad about never getting that Silent Hills collaboration anymore. The Norman Reedus character manages to survive, and the trailer ends with a look at the baby from the first trailer... inside Norman Reedus' character. Threads from other trailers are slowly coming together, but not in a way where you could possibly piece together what is happening in Kojima's head. The haunting trailer goes on to tease Sam and the team's enemies: several unusual, alien lifeforms only barely visible in the footage. He then sees the floating figures we've seen before, this time above a huge crater, hammering home the explosion motif.

A brief hint at the game's story reveals the world of Death Stranding was hit by an explosion, one that gave birth to some kind of life-form.