Wednesday, 18 July, 2018

United States flight makes emergency bathroom stop

Nellie Chapman | 08 December, 2017, 00:55

Airplanes have had to make emergency landings and unplanned stops for a variety of reasons, but for a potty break?

A U.S. flight from New York City to Seattle has been forced to make a quick bathroom stop after the Delta plane's toilets stopped working and passengers couldn't hold it any longer. While en route from NY, the Boeing 757's toilets stopped working and after a while, passengers just couldn't hold it any longer, forcing the emergency landing.

It came after the Boeing 757's toilets had stopped working and passengers were queuing up and indicating they needed the toilet, according to an incident report published on AeroInside.

The scheduled six-hour flight made the bathroom stop in Billings, Montana at around 6pm local time (1am GMT) on Saturday (2 December).

A direct Delta flight from NY to Seattle made an unplanned stop in Billings, Mont., because passengers needed to use the bathroom.

And so the plane took a left turn in the skies above Montana, flying hundreds of miles south before landing at Billings Logan International Airport around 6 p.m. Relief was not immediate, however.

But that wasn't the end of the story. The bathrooms were full and, well, a lot of passengers had to go. In the meantime, plane's toilets were also serviced and the plane was refuelled so that it could take off again.

Instead, they chose to make a sharp left turn and head hundreds of miles south to Billings Logan International Airport. "That can't be very pleasant".