Saturday, 22 September, 2018

Delhi government to NGT: No exemption for women in next odd-even programme

Delhi government on Wednesday told the National Green Tribunal that Odd Even rule will be implemented without exemptions to combat pollution Delhi government to NGT: No exemption for women in next odd-even programme
Melinda Barton | 08 December, 2017, 04:29

Delhi government on Wednesday agreed to implement the odd-even scheme without any exemptions after the National Green Tribunal's rap last month.

Finally, the Delhi government has submitted its action plan report on air pollution to NGT.

They recommended no exemption be given under the odd-even vehicle rationing scheme in the state.

Although the dates of the implementation of the odd-even scheme have not been specified as of now, sources in the Delhi government told Catch that the scheme is likely to take place before the end of year. It also argued that public transportation was not equipped to accommodate so many two-wheeler drivers.

The Delhi government's plan recommends implementation of odd-even plan, check on entry of trucks in the city, ban on construction work and asking parents not to allow their children to play outside when air quality turns "severe".

The action plan also stated it will shut down all industries causing pollution and has laid a ban on the burning of waste. It said on Monday, "The government only talks about challans (prosecution slips). but nothing is reflected on the ground". Yesterday, India's Mohammad Shami also vomited on the field. While the governments of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan had filed their action plans with the tribunal, the Delhi government had failed to do so.

The NGT had made it clear that only emergency vehicles such as fire engines and ambulances can be granted an exemption.

While submitting a detailed action plan in front of the Tribunal, Arvind Kejriwal government chose to do away with exemptions given to certain parties, said NDTV report.