Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

The Marvel Podcast Universe Begins With Wolverine: The Long Night

Wolverine The Long Night CREDIT Courtesy of Marvel
Stacy Diaz | 07 December, 2017, 18:36

The series kicks off with a 10-episode season, premiering on Stitcher's premium service, where it will be an exclusive until it makes its way to other platforms in the fall.

"Wolverine: The Long Night" will be Marvel's first scripted podcast, putting listeners in the middle of an intense story based on one of the most recognizable members of the X-Men.

And after all, while Fox has no current intentions to put Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in another movie any time soon, Marvel Entertainment doesn't have the film rights to the character. The agents team up with deputy Bobby Reid (Andrew Keenan-Bolger) to investigate their main suspect, Logan (Richard Armitage). The story will follow two agents, Sally Pierce (Celia Keenan-Bolger) and Tad Marshall (Ato Essandoh), as they investigate a murder in Burns, Alaska.

"Podcasting is an incredible, intimate medium that's flawless for telling stories, and I can't think of a better partner with whom to push the boundaries of scripted podcasts than Marvel", Erik Diehn, chief executive officer of Midroll Media, Stitcher's parent company, said in a statement to Mashable. Described as a "hybrid of mystery and the larger-scale fantasy", the show has managed to attract a few big-name actors.

"Wolverine: The Long Night" will be directed by Brendan Baker, with Chloe Prasinos overseeing sound design.

Wolverine is always telling us how he's the best there is at what he does, but we never guessed that what he does is host podcasts.

Outdoor scenes for the series will be recorded in realistic-sounding locations including forests and a cabin.

Like most fans, writer Ben Percy is most excited with the casting of Richard Armitage as Wolverine. "This tremendous cast will bring a thrilling level of intrigue and drama to our listeners". The podcast also features the voices of Chris Gethard, Scott Adsit, Bob Balaban, Jordan Bridges, Michael J. Burg, David Call, Zoe Chao, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Chaske Spencer and Lannon Killea.