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Steelers safety Mike Mitchell blasts National Football League officials in rant

Steelers safety Mike Mitchell blasts National Football League officials in rant Steelers safety Mike Mitchell blasts National Football League officials in rant
Kristopher Love | 07 December, 2017, 21:38

But Bengals safety George Iloka, who tried to take off Antonio Brown's head, had his one-game ban reduced to just a fine. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski got a one-game suspension for an after-the-whistle body slam of Bills corner Tre'Davious White on Sunday.

"Hand us all some flags and we'll go out there and try to grab the flags off", Mitchell said in the aftermath of Monday night's violent Steelers-Bengals clash that produced more than 200 yards in penalties and two players stretchered off the field. He wants to hit dudes and he wants to play the game of football the way he grew up playing it.

Mitchell took a very clear shot at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for the lack of consistency and clarity regarding illegal hits, saying that the fans and players were disappointed, and he even lobbed a verbal bomb at one of his detractors. And Gronkowski and Smith-Schuster both deserved to face consequences for breaking the league's rules on contact with defenseless players. If you don't want to get injured then don't come out here.

"You don't think Goodell doesn't know about what is going on?"

"If you want to see flag football, let us take our pads off and make it easier for me".

I agree with Mitchell that the National Football League has to do a much better job of determining what infractions are suspendable and let the players know the ramifications of such actions. You don't know me, you've never had a conversation with me. But give us flags for me to pull off, because that way I know what we're playing. I feel like I gotta ask a guy 'hey are you ready for me to hit you right now?' before I hit you. Andy Dalton threw a ball to Tyler Eifert two years ago.

"That's what we would always say, the players on that Steelers team who voted "no" were players who could talk about the CBA without being hypocritical", Batch said.

"They go to their locker rooms, they go to their meeting rooms and their players are praising them, their coaches are praising them, but their check, their wallets are being deducted thousands of dollars for doing what we learned how to do to come into this game". It makes no sense. I donate more money to Cincinnati underprivileged kids than probably people on the Bengals. You never get to see us line somebody up in a hole like a linebacker. Some players have been fined, some have been suspended, some are still in concussion protocol. There needs to be a set guideline on how we do what we do.

"I don't like to compare players and suspensions, things like that, but if you look at what Gronk did and what JuJu did and they got the same suspension - I don't know if that's necessarily fair", Roethlisberger said.

"There's so much beauty and so much aggression and physical nature of the game without hitting people in their head", Umenyiora said.