Saturday, 20 January, 2018

Pokemon From Generation III and Real Time Weather Coming To Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Dynamic Weather gameplay EXPLAINED ahead of ... Pokemon GO update adds dynamic weather based on location and 50 Gen-3 Pokemon
Sherri Watson | 07 December, 2017, 16:36

These creatures were originated from "Pokemon Ruby" and "Pokemon Sapphire". That said, certain Pokemon will be granted additional bonus effects if you catch them in ideal weather conditions.

When fans found out this wouldn't be possible, it killed a lot of enthusiasm for Pokemon trading in Pokemon GO.

Niantic has begun its roll out of the third generation of monsters in Pokemon GO with 50 critters from the Hoenn region, and more slated to come later in the year.

Bhargava noted that, while trading and PvP battles were still on the "roadmap" for Pokemon Go, it could still be a while before they were added to the game. So, start preparing those PokeBalls, Berries, and other paraphernalia. It's going to be a whole new game mechanic that will add a new dimension to the gameplay. In addition to the in-game map being updated with cool new weather visuals, weather near you will impact Pokémon in a variety of ways. The six possibilities are Sunny, Rainy, Snowy, Foggy, Partly Cloudy, and Windy. "Those weather conditions will not only affect the appearance of the game but also affects a bunch of the mechanics of the game".

Pokemon GO developers Niantic has today revealed that they will start rolling out Gen 3 Pokemon proper, following the brief tease during the Halloween event and the handful of Ghost Pokemon.

The new weather feature increases the spawn rate of associated Pokemon types. For example, you'll have a larger chance of capturing Mudkip if you go out into the rain. "So you will see the sun out if the sun is out, you will see snow falling if snow is falling, you will see rain falling if rain is falling", Slemon explained.

"Weather itself makes the Pokemon more emboldened and makes sure the strongest of their species do end up showing up", he added. So, get ready to explore your neighborhood in different weather.