Tuesday, 25 September, 2018

New Tomb Raider confirmed, here's what the leaks already tell us

Square Enix Officially Announces Third Tomb Raider Game New Tomb Raider confirmed, here's what the leaks already tell us
Sherri Watson | 07 December, 2017, 21:12

They then say a new Tomb Raider is on the way, which suggests the big news is actually something related to that announcement, but not the announcement itself.

Square Enix are "taking a new approach" with the next Tomb Raider game, starting by announcing the game with a Tweet using plain text rather than video or big reveal. This is pretty interesting considering Rise of the Tomb Raider featured a timed exclusivity deal which prevented PlayStation players from playing the game for a full year after the Xbox One release.

Driven by our goal by putting our fans first, we want you to know that it won't be very long between the official reveal and when you can play.

Great news for Lara Croft fans hoping for a new Tomb Raider game in 2018! 'We simply can't wait to take you on Lara Croft's defining adventure'. The rest sounds like Square Enix embarking on a different approach to release schedules, or something.

Rumors have been swirling for months that a new Tomb Raider game was in the works and titled "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" due to a photo of an apparent developer's laptop screen in public showing an image of the title. This announcement was made on the official Tomb Raider Twitter account with a statement that might also potentially hint at the subtitle for the game.