Saturday, 17 February, 2018

Here are Ireland's most watched YouTube videos of 2017

Daddy Yankee Daddy Yankee"Despacito
Stacy Diaz | 07 December, 2017, 07:56

'Tis the season to look back on the year and recap the most viral trends and stories of 2017, and what better way to do that than by revisiting YouTube's most popular videos?

The masked performer was a contestant on Thailand's aptly named singing competition show "The Mask Singer".

Despacito sits at the top of 2017's top music video list - not just as the most-viewed music video for year, but as the most viewed YouTube video of all time with 4.4 billion views.

By 2018, Google (GOOGL) aims to have more than 10,000 people "working to address content that might violate our policies", YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said in a blog post.

The America's Got Talent judging panel was so impressed by Darci Lynne Farmer's ventriloquist routine that they sent her straight to the live shows by pressing the coveted Golden Buzzer. Obviously, fidget spinners make a few appearances throughout, and at some point, the video deviates from its humorous nature to also remind us of the tragedies that occurred this year, such as the many hurricane devastations and the Vegas shooting, communicating a message of uniting together under tumultuous circumstances. Farmer went on to be crowned champion of the season when it finished in September.

The seventh annual YouTube Rewind is here. Last year, the Carpool Karaoke clip starring Adele claimed the top spot.

- Lady Gaga's Super Bowl LI halftime performance.

Then, there's the "reserved inventory" ads - those which are purchased in advance and scheduled to appear on very specific video content (typically, top-performing channels).

As if it isn't hard enough to run a platform that serves up a billion hours of video per day across the globe, YouTube also has to contend with all sorts of problematic content uploaded to its site - from terrorist propaganda to disturbing material disguised as cartoons for children, the company has plenty to sift through. The videos combined for more than 10 billion total views.