Friday, 14 December, 2018

Far Cry 5 Delayed to March, The Crew 2 Also Delayed

Assassin's Creed Origins Far Cry 5 Delayed to March, The Crew 2 Also Delayed
Sherri Watson | 07 December, 2017, 21:57

Unfortunately for gamers, delays for our favorite titles are a fact of life.

We imagine the Far Cry 5delay will allow the development team to smooth out some of the later development stage issues like framerate and minor bugs.

According to Ubisoft, it plans to invest in additional development time for Far Cry 5, which pushes it out of a late February release and into late March.

Far Cry 5 is now slated to release on 27th March and The Crew 2 will come out in the first half of fiscal 2018/19 with an unannounced game being released in fiscal 2019/20. We're excited for fans to join the Resistance in Hope County, Montana against the Project at Eden's Gate cult.

Time to update your schedules if you've been looking forward to The Crew 2 or Far Cry 5.

The Crew 2 is notably more ambitious than its predecessor (which also saw pre-launch delays), adding powerboats and stunt racing airplanes to the original's more traditional roster of road cars, off-road buggies and motorbikes.

The reason for these three delays is due to the commercial success Ubisoft saw commercially with Assassin's Creed Origins following its longer development time, which "enabled [their] development team to fully express their creative vision". "Taking a similar approach, we have chose to invest additional development time in three upcoming games".

Ubisoft has delayed three of its games, saying they got the idea from the positive response to Assassin's Creed Origin's year off. Ubisoft is delaying a number of titles including an unannounced franchise from Fiscal 2018-19 to Fiscal 2019-20.