Wednesday, 17 October, 2018

Bernie Sanders: Trump Should 'Think About Resigning'

US President Donald Trump at the Oval Office of the White House in Washington DC US President Donald Trump at the Oval Office of the White House in Washington DC
Melinda Barton | 07 December, 2017, 23:12

The tide against the former comedian turned decisively Wednesday, when leading Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, called on him to step down. Al Franken (D-Minn.), announced that he would resign from his seat amid accusations that he sexually harassed women, and two days after Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) said he would retire in the wake of allegations that he touched staffers inappropriately and demanded sexual favors.

"Moore may be possibly joining the Senate and he has been accused of far worse than what Senator Franken is accused of", King said. Trump and other prominent Republicans still support his candidacy.

"I would hope maybe the president of the United States might pay attention of what's going on and also think about resigning."-Sen".

The American people don't care, and they don't care because they elected him president. Trump later dismissed these comments as "locker room talk", but they were a driving force behind the popular Women's March and related "pussyhats".

Asked last week whether Trump would get an annual physical and report his health information to the public, as his predecessors have, Sanders said she did not know.

"What I worry about right now, as we speak, is that in restaurants, in offices all over this country where you have bosses who are not famous, there is harassment, women are being intimidated, and we need a cultural revolution in this country", Sanders said. "But the conversation we are having now is only the tip of the iceberg".

Franken is an actor who appeared on "Saturday Night Live" and an author who narrowly won his Senate seat in 2008 after a prolonged vote count. Shortly after, Sanders reiterated his point about Trump on Twitter.