Monday, 10 December, 2018

Delayed iPhone X launch hurt global iPhone share, Kantar says

Theresa Hayes | 06 December, 2017, 11:42

Apple is among the top five smartphone brands in China that accounted for 91% of sales during the three months ended in October.

It's this window that Kantar believes may have hurt Apple's market share.

Of course, this latest report focuses entirely on global sales data from the three months ending October 2017.

Google has slowly been updating its applications on iOS with support for the iPhone X. As mentioned, Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs were all updated last week with iPhone X optimization, while YouTube was also updated with battery life improvements after users reported significant battery drain because of the app. Google-powered phones grew more than 8 percentage points year-on-year in the USA, 10.4 in the United Kingdom, and only 2.5 in Germany, losing half a point in China.

Gmail has been optimised for Apple's new iPhone X, a month after the tenth anniversary Apple smartphone hit shelves. Unfortunately, buyers were anticipating a larger than usual price tag so they chose to hold off on their purchases until the iPhone X was available to buy. Considering the complete overhaul that the iPhone X offers, consumers may be postponing their purchase decisions until they can test the iPhone X and decide whether the higher price, compared to the iPhone 8, is worth the premium to them.

"As of October 2017, 35.3% of Apple's installed base customers across Europe and the United States of America had owned their iPhones for more than two years - up from 30.1% a year earlier and signifying considerable pent-up demand within Apple's base". Android saw growth in all of those markets except in China.

Samsung's performance in China continues to deteriorate, with its share now down to just 2.2 percent.