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Amazon Prime Video now available for Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video now available for Apple TV Amazon Prime Video now available for Apple TV
Theresa Hayes | 06 December, 2017, 15:53

After a long six-month wait since its announcement, Amazon has finally released its Prive Video app for Apple TV third-generation and above. As we didn't have access to an Apple TV at the time of writing, we cannot confirm whether it has rolled out officially.

The app appeared on the Apple TV App Store early Wednesday morning after Apple accidentally promoted its release for a brief period through the iOS AppStore Tuesday afternoon. There is no options listed to buy new content but you can access Amazon Prime Video and content you already purchased in your Amazon video library. The listing has since been removed from the iOS App Store, but the blog managed to take a screenshot of the promotional text that says, "Watch some of the hottest entertainment around with Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV". As you'd expect, it's much like the web, Roku and smart TV apps, letting you scroll and search films and TV series, select favorites, and more. At WWDC 2017, Apple announced that Prime Video would roll out for Apple TV this year and many had presumed it would be during the summer. Prime Video comes bundled with Amazon Prime, and users can join both for a yearly subscription of Rs 999.

For Apple, it will help to more easily sell its set-top box to the 90 million USA -based Amazon Prime subscribers. As for Apple, this could open the doors for Amazon to once again start selling the Apple TV on its store, as pointed out by The Verge.