Friday, 23 February, 2018

Play The Division for free on Xbox One this weekend

The Division Details Update 1.8 All DLC Free This Weekend Tom Clancy's The Division is free to play with Xbox Live Gold this weekend
Theresa Hayes | 05 December, 2017, 16:04

Tom Clancy's The Division Update 1.8 has been code-named Resistance by the developers, with the new area of the map being West Side Pier.

Meanwhile, Skirmish is a PvP mode where two teams of four fight to get the highest kill count within a time limit, with special elimination finisher being added so players can confirm their kills.

Ubisoft will be updating The Division on Tuesday, December 5th with the free content expansion called Resistance.

To mark the occasion, Ubisoft are making the game free to play for Xbox Live Gold members from this Wednesday through to Sunday December 10, 2017. Enemies drop resources that can be used to either set up defenses or extend the battlefield, offering more tactical options to the players. And it's not enough to just "down" an enemy player - you have to eliminate them to make it count.

What's more is that 1.8 will also include a social hub too, not to mention improvements to the Underground DLC, a new revamp of the rogue mechanics, and optimisations to the gear system. You can check out a trailer for the free update, and a quick refresher on what's included, below. Check out the long list of changes in the 1.8 update here. You can check out the full patch notes, right here. Players who have downloaded the free trial before December 7th will see trial restrictions lifted until the end of the free weekend.

Also, all owners of The Division can enjoy full access the content from the Season Pass, including all expansions with a free DLC week that runs from December 5-19.