Friday, 23 February, 2018

Overwatch is getting a new currency exclusively for esports skins

Overwatch League Uniform Skins Will Be Available for In-Game Purchase Overwatch is getting a new currency exclusively for esports skins
Theresa Hayes | 05 December, 2017, 15:52

By choosing to purchase a skin through these means, regular players can support their favorite teams.

For the first month following the update of League Tokens, all players who play Overwatch on any platform will be given free League Tokens for purchasing one League team uniform.

Blizzard released the announcement on Overwatch League team skins just before the eSports league's preseason, which is set to start on December 6. When the currency launches, each player should have enough to purchase at least one of the skins for their chosen team.

There are 12 registered teams in the Overwatch League, and each of them will have unique skins in their colors.

Nanzer said that they will be issuing the skins for the twelve inaugural season teams as official Overwatch League skins.

The Overwatch League tokens will be used for all the in-game items related to the league and could not be used to buy loot boxes.

Blizzard will introduce a new in-game currency called League Tokens as a way to both allow players to get the exact team skins they want and also "ensure the correct amounts" from uniform purchases go to the appropriate team. Nanzer said that Blizzard chose to implement this system "to ensure that the correct amounts from your League-related purchases go towards the teams". He did not say, however, whether players will be able to unlock more tokens through MLG-calibre plays of their own, or if they will only be able to buy them.

The Overwatch League kicks off on January 10, and 12 teams will be participating across the Atlantic and Pacific divisions.

Of course, one of the major features in the Overwatch League is the teamplay.