Thursday, 13 December, 2018

More Evidence Suggests Death Stranding Will Be Shown at The Game Awards

Death Stranding | Trailers release date everything we know about Hideo Kojima's next game Death Stranding | Trailers release date everything we know about Hideo Kojima's next game
Theresa Hayes | 05 December, 2017, 19:39

He also happens to be the latest in a series of announcements and teasers that suggest we'll see more of Death Stranding during The Game Awards. Like Keighley's previous announcements, his tweet is light on details, only revealing that Reedus will be at the show, but not confirming what many fans suspect: that Reedus, Kojima, and del Toro will be on hand to present new footage of Death Stranding.

This event has had a particular relationship with Hideo Kojima and his next game, Death Stranding, and everything seems to indicate that the title will be one of the stars of the night as a new member of the project confirmed his attendance at the awards ceremony. That something nearly certainly has to be Death Stranding, but whether it's more gameplay, game details, a release date, or hopefully all of the above remains to be seen.

Death Stranding was notably absent from E3, The Tokyo Game Show and Paris Games Week this year, so a small update before the year wraps up for good wouldn't go amiss.

Even del Toro, who is part of the cast, doesn't have a clear understanding of "Death Stranding".

Kojima San scanned my body and face for the model over an entire day in Toronto. That's it - He sent me toys and gifts every few weeks but NO clues. I don't know what he's gonna make me do.

We don't know. It was announced in 2016, but since then, we've not had any announcement for a release date. Kojima himself said this when he spoke with PlayStation Blog early this year. Furthermore, IGN noted that the two's appearance could possibly mean that one of the world premieres taking place in the Game Awards will be dedicated to the upcoming video game by Kojima Productions. "You won't want to miss it", posted video game journalist and TV personality Geoff Keighley on Twitter.