Wednesday, 26 September, 2018

Kroger recalls baby water due to mold concerns

Comforts for Baby Purified Water with Fluoride Added Comforts for Baby Purified Water with Fluoride Added
Nellie Chapman | 05 December, 2017, 19:53

However, The Kroger Company has done testing and identified the mold as Talaromyces penicillium.

The affected drinks are jugs with sell-by dates between April 26, 2018, and October 10, 2018, which are sold at various chains owned by the Cincinnati-based Kroger Co.

Kroger is recalling a brand of water for infants after a mold discovery.

The concern is for babies who have HIV or compromised immune systems, because ingesting mold-contaminated water "may lead to serious health consequences", according to the FDA.

In addition to the "hay fever-type" reaction to mold allergies, inhaling or touching mold spores "can irritate the eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs, even in people who aren't allergic to them", according to the United States Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA issued a consumer alert Monday to reach parents and caregivers who may have bought "Comforts FOR BABY Purified Water with Fluoride Added 1 GAL (3.78 L)", which is intended for infants.

The grocery chain tested the water, which is sold in gallon jugs, after receiving complaints about mold.

If you have purchased this water, the FDA says to return it to the store for a refund.

"Comforts for Baby purified water with fluoride" was sold in one-gallon, clear containers, with sell-by dates of April 26 to October 10, 2018, a UPC code of 0 41260 37597 2 and Plant code of 514140.