Friday, 23 February, 2018

Astronauts throw pizza party on space station

WATCH: Italian space crew prepare pizza and they loved it! These astronauts missed pizza so much they decided to make their own in space
Theresa Hayes | 05 December, 2017, 00:21

Paolo Nespoliā€, an Italian astronaut who's now orbiting our planet aboard the International Space Station, missed pizza so much that he boldly brought it up to his boss during a live streamed public event.

The result was the making of the first space pizza. Regardless of how the space pizza might have tasted, there is absolutely no doubt that making hand-tossed pies in space is infinitely more entertaining than making them on the ground. It's almost impossible to find a pizzeria that offers this type of ambiance back on Earth. Following this, the director of the ISS, Kirk Shireman, stunned the spacewalkers in space with the ingredients needed to prepare pizzas.

Now NASA has released a video showing the crew aboard the International Space Station tucking into their treats.

Getting to explore space sounds pretty darn cool, but the experience comes with many sacrifices. Nespoli and five other members were surprised by the yummy surprise and wasted no time baking some tasty delights!

According to news, ingredients for the pizza as well as an ice cream truck were launched into space on Sunday morn from Virginia, USA.