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Saudi unleash bombing on Yemen, Saleh's fate not known

Saudi unleash bombing on Yemen, Saleh's fate not known Saudi unleash bombing on Yemen, Saleh's fate not known
Melinda Barton | 04 December, 2017, 23:22

Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi called on Yemenis on Monday to rise up against the Iran-aligned Houthis after the death of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

"We have notified the leader of the traitor and criminal militias to retract, be wise, to stop his militias from continuing committing crimes", he said.

Unverified footage of his bloodied body lolling in a blanket circulated just days after he tore up his alliance with the Houthis following almost three years in which they had jointly battled the Saudi-led coalition that intervened to try to reinstate Yemen's internationally recognised government.

Fighting erupted between the Iranian-allied Shiite rebels and forces loyal to Ali Abdullah Saleh last week, unraveling their fragile alliance, formed in the face of the internationally-recognized government and Saudi-led coalition. Gen. Yahya al Mahdi, said that Saleh was killed on the Sinhan-Maareb highway while secretly moving through the country.

After he was ousted during the Arab Spring in 2012, Saleh sided with the Houthis who kicked off an uprising against the new government in 2014.

- 2017: Break up of the alliance between Saleh and Huthi rebels, who shoot him dead on December 4 south of Sanaa after he flees the city. He did not mention Saleh's death. Doha based network has confirmed that the head of Saleh's security detail, Hussein al-Hamidi was killed but did not provide further details.

He sent a video purportedly showing Mr Saleh's body being carried away by a group of armed men chanting, "God is Great".

He ruled Yemen for more than three decades and played a pivotal role in the country's ongoing civil war.

She continued that being a secular leader the former president had managed "to formulate a very clear vision for Yemen's political future".

Meanwhile, Aljazeera speaks of conflicting reports about the fate of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh quoting social media after residents said his house in the capital Sana'a had been bombed by Houth rebels.

"Ambulances and medical teams can't access injured, people can't buy food and other supplies", UNICEF's Rajat Madhok tweeted.