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UC Browser gets delisted on Google Play Store for 'misleading' promotions

UC Browser UC Browser app disappears from the Google Play
Sherri Watson | 15 November, 2017, 09:22

UC Browser, which is a popular browser in India with over 500 million downloads globally, has disappeared from the Google Play Store. The browser is known for its data compression features, which allow users to access maximum content without having to worry about mobile data consumption. In addition, it is the sixth most downloaded Android app in India. According to the Internet Trends Report 2017 by Kleiner Perkins, released in June this year, UC Browser is India's leading mobile internet browser with 50% market share followed by Google's Crome and Opera browser. UC Web also has 100 million monthly active users from India, Android Authority reports. To keep it running as fast and smooth as possible, it's always a good idea to have the latest version ...

On the other hand, a Twitter user who claims to work with UC Browser has said that, "I work for UC Browser; I got mail today morning it said that UC Browser was temporarily removed from play store for 30 days because it used "Misleading" and "Unhealthy" methods of promotion to increase installs".

Reports began swirling in August that claimed UC Browser has a rather nasty habit of stealing sensitive user data which it then sends back to remote servers in China without the user's consent.

The browser has landed in trouble for user data privacy concerns earlier in 2015 as well when a Canadian technology research group by the name of Citizen Lab reported that the application was shipping personal data like location, mobile number and other details to third-party applications. The application is one of the most popular browsers in India.

At present there is no evidence to either confirm or deny these suspicions and both Google and UCWeb are yet to comment on the situation, at the time of writing. So, stay tuned to us for more updates.

Alibaba-owned UC Browser has mysteriously vanished from the Play Store.