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Israel military drills on the borders of Gaza Strip

Israel military drills on the borders of Gaza Strip Israel military drills on the borders of Gaza Strip
Melinda Barton | 15 November, 2017, 00:41

The freedom tunnel is not the only tunnel owned by the Islamic Jihad.

Qa'adan's family told Quds Press that the occupation forces stormed the leader's house at 01:30 and arrested him, despite his poor health.

"We advise Islamic Jihad's leadership in Damascus to exercise caution and keep things under control". He was due to undergo two surgeries as a result of a health condition, the family noted.

Almost two weeks after the Israeli army blew up a tunnel that ran between the southern Gaza Strip and Israel, killing 12 Palestinian fighters from the Islamic Jihad and Hamas movements, Israel has continued to exchange threats with the groups, saying that it will "respond with force" to any retaliation from Gaza.

The batteries are one of several measures taken by the army to raise its alert level and response capabilities amid heightened tensions with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization since the army demolished the terrorist group's border-crossing attack tunnel last month.

The system, created to intercept short-range rockets, has defended against hundreds of rockets fired by Palestinian militants from Gaza during Israel's military campaign there in 2014.

The military confirmed on Monday the anti-missile systems were installed in "central Israel", but would not specify their location.

The Trump administration's global negotiations representative, Jason Greenblatt, on Monday called on the terror group to tone down its war rhetoric, tweeting, "Extremist statements & provocation vs. Israel by Islamic Jihad significantly harm the people of Gaza & are very unsafe".

General Yoav Mordechai, head of the Government Coordinator in the Territories (COGAT) branch of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), said in an Arabic-language video on Saturday that the army is aware of "the plot being prepared by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad against Israel, [who are] playing with fire on the backs of the residents of the Gaza Strip, and at the expense of internal Palestinian reconciliation and the entire region". Ten PIJ operatives, including two senior commanders, were killed during Israel's operation to destroy the tunnel. "In any case, we see Hamas as responsible for every attack that emanates from, or is planned against us in, the Gaza Strip", he said.