Friday, 24 November, 2017

Dlawless 163-carat diamond fetches $49.4 million in Geneva auction

Angola Diamond To Sell For USD30M Dlawless 163-carat diamond fetches $49.4 million in Geneva auction
Nellie Chapman | 15 November, 2017, 12:22

The largest-ever D-flawless diamond to be put up for auction, mounted in a diamond and emerald necklace, sold for $33.7 million on Tuesday night, including buyer's fees.

Nonetheless, Rahul Kadakia, auctioneer and head of Christie's worldwide jewels division, said that it was a record price for a D-colour diamond at an auction.

"To date, this is the largest D flawless diamond ever to appear for sale at auction", Christie's said when it first announced the gem would be part of its annual Magnificent Jewels sale. It was the final lot of the auction and sold for $14,463,393. "A masterful demonstration of 'The Art of de GRISOGONO'". Experts, however, are bitterly disappointed as they had expected the diamond to be sold for at least £12 million more.

The diamond was first taken from a 404-carat stone that was found in the African nation of Angola previous year.

A team from Swiss luxury jeweller de Grisogono then created 50 different designs around the 163.41-carat diamond, before opting for an asymmetric necklace with the stone as its centrepiece. The dazzling necklace is made of 18 diamonds on one side and a dual row of pear-shaped emeralds on the other.

The stone up for sale Tuesday is meanwhile a "much larger diamond, and its title of the largest ideal stone could see it attract a winning bid of over $50 million", he suggested. Originally from the Golconda mines in India, the stone was set in the crowns of nearly all kings and emperors of France since the early 18th century, Christie's said.

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And it graced the crown of Napoleon I, Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie, among others. It has also said to be passed through the hands of famous French jeweler Frederic Boucheron and later the Baron von Derwies.

Christie´s said the seller was a private collector but did not reveal their identity.

However, reports suggest that the diamond has been auctioned off before in 1887, 17 years after France's Second Empire collapsed, and Napoleon III and his wife Empress Eugenie sought exile in England thus leaving their jewels behind.

Christie´s jewel auction, which raked in sales totalling 105.4 million Swiss francs, will be followed Wednesday by a similar auction at Sotheby´s.

Apart from this masterpiece, another gemstone on display during Tuesday's auction was "Le Grand Mazarin", a 19-carat pink diamond, which was sold for 12.5 million Swiss francs ($12.68 million), demolishing the pre-sale estimate, according to the Hindu.