Friday, 24 November, 2017

Commuters Greet Train Collision with Frustration, Blame, Derision

6 Malaysians injured in Singapore MRT train crash Official count of injuries from Joo Koon collision on Wednesday up to 36
Melinda Barton | 15 November, 2017, 10:23

SMRT said a faulty west-bound train had stalled at Joo Koon station on the system's East-West line at 08:18am.

A SMRT train at Singapore's Joo Koon MRT station bumped into a stationary one Wednesday morning, leaving a total of 25 people injured badly. Six members and other seven managerial staff of SMRT's Building and Facilities Maintenance group were found responsible for the maintenance of the pump system, which was related to the incident, according to local media. A second train stopped behind the faulty train at the station at 0819 AM but moved forward unexpectedly a minute later, coming into contact with the stationary train.

Eyewitnesses stated that the passengers of the moving train, caught off-guard, fell suddenly as the two trains made a horrific contact.

Joo Koon station was closed to passengers after the incident till around 11.20am.

Over the five hours after when the incident occurred, about 40 SMRT personnel were seen on the station platform inspecting the accident site.

While the cleaning crew was alerted to the oil spill, neither the SMRT Operations Control Centre, nor the crew realised the seriousness of the situation even though 10 trains using the tracks before the accident had experienced braking difficulties.

"There was a male customer who said he had fallen when the train came to a sudden stop".

The incident happened at the time that the Circle Line, better known as the Yellow Line, was affected by delays which the SMRT attributed to "a signal fault" at about 6 am. It involved a front-to-back collision between two trains at Clementi station, and resulted in 156 injured commuters. "But he did not give details, he just said it hurt quite badly", she added.