Wednesday, 17 October, 2018

Braxton Beverly granted waiver, will play for NC State immediately

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Kristopher Love | 15 November, 2017, 02:56

The school said the NCAA denied that appeal October 30 - Beverly was allowed to practice - then recently submitted a request for the NCAA to reconsider its position yet again.

NC State faces Bryant Tuesday night at 7 PNC Arena, but it is unclear if Beverly will see action. He made a decision to transfer two weeks later with a full release from Ohio State and a letter of endorsement from Matta to the NCAA. According to NCAA bylaws, N.C. State had to file new information which wasn't initially available in order for the decision to be reconsidered.

The NCAA has reversed its decision and will allow N.C. State freshman point guard Braxton Beverly to play immediately. Wolfpack assistant A.W. Hamilton coached Beverly last season at Hargrave. In a statement, the NCAA said "additional information" led it to reconsider and grant NC State's transfer waiver request.

In a statement, Beverly's attorney, Scott Tompsett, said Beverly is "absolutely thrilled" by the ruling and thanked the NCAA for reconsidering its initial stance.

Beverly committed to coach Thad Matta and Ohio State previous year, and enrolled at the school early.

"Braxton also appreciates the public support he's received from so many people across the country and the media outlets that have reported on his case".

After a waiver request and subsequent appeal, Beverly was still ineligible.

Beverly was denied immediate eligibility after leaving Ohio State following Thad Matta's resignation.

"Through all of this, I am still happy with the decision to come to NC State".