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Locker rooms robbed in Bank of Baroda in a dramatic style

Locker rooms robbed in Bank of Baroda in a dramatic style Locker rooms robbed in Bank of Baroda in a dramatic style
Nellie Chapman | 14 November, 2017, 21:20

The robbery took place at Bank of Baroda's branch in Juninagar area of neighbouring Navi Mumbai between Saturday and Sunday.

In a bank robbery reminiscent of a 90's Bollywood heist film, a group of expert thieves dug a 25-feet tunnel to reach the lockers of a bank in Navi Mumbai and fled with valuables worth crores.

The theft came to light on Monday when the bank staff went to the locker room and found it in complete disarray, with numerous lockers still open. This shop housing private lockers rented out to people for safe keeping of valuable and documents. They also spotted a tunnel in the room, which led to the adjacent shop.

The Bank of Baroda branch occupies shops one to four in Bhakti Residency, opposite Juinagar Railway Station in Sector 11, with the fourth shop housing the ATM cubicle and locker room.

"The bank had CCTV cameras in the other rooms but none inside the locker room", Kiran Patil, assistant commissioner of Nerul Police told the Hindustan Times.

Adding further to this he said, "The culprits dug an underground tunnel of 25 feet to the locker room of Bank of Baroda and broke open 30 lockers out of 225 lockers and escaped with the loot".

Officials said that about 237 lockers, 30 lockers were found open.

Around 10 police teams are working on the case. "I came to keep a mangalsutra in the bank, and found that my locker was broken into". The bank had called all its customers to following the robbery for assessment of the robbery.

The robbers ran away with Rs 40 lakh worth of valuables, reports mention.

A case has been registered with the Sanpada police under Sections 454 (house break), 457 (house break at night) and 380 (theft in dwelling house) of the Indian Penal Code.