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Islamic Jihad Leader Arrested in the Shomron

Palestinians wave yellow Fatah movement flags during a rally marking the 13th anniversary of the death of Fatah founder and Palestinian Authority leader Yasser Arafat in Gaza City Saturday Nov. 11 2017 Islamic Jihad Leader Arrested in the Shomron
Melinda Barton | 14 Ноября, 2017, 10:05

He called on them to "take control over the situation", as they are the ones "who will be held accountable" for any attack.

An Israeli general has warned Palestinian militants against carrying out attacks in revenge for the blowing up of a tunnel stretching from the Gaza Strip into the Jewish state last month.

The Hebrew-language Ynet said the move was part of "heightened alert" following threats by the Islamic Jihad, a Gaza-based militant group, that vowed to avenge the killing of at least 12 militants when Israel blew up a cross-border tunnel on October 31.

"Threats to target the movement's leadership is a declaration of war, which we will confront", Islamic Jihad said Sunday, according to Palestine Today.

In the video, Mordechai said Israel is aware of Islamic Jihad attack plans, warning the group of a "harsh and determined Israeli response".

"It is playing with fire on the backs of residents of the Gaza Strip, and at the expense of the internal Palestinian reconciliation and the entire region".

The Israeli army's coordinator went on to say in his video: "Just to be clear, Israel will respond forcefully and resolutely to any Islamic Jihad reaction whatsoever - not just against Jihad, but also against Hamas".

PIJ responded to the IDF's announcement that it was keeping the bodies of five terrorists found in the tunnel by saying that Israel "will not be able to bargain over our fighters". The freedom tunnel is not the only tunnel owned by the Islamic Jihad.

The group condemned the arrest, calling it the "latest escalation" by occupation forces against its members and the Palestinian people.