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In Pradyuman Thakur Killing, 4 Cops Being Investigated For Fudging Evidence

Ryan murder Accused reveals minute details In Pradyuman Thakur Killing, 4 Cops Being Investigated For Fudging Evidence
Theresa Hayes | 14 November, 2017, 11:12

The juvenile, while talking to a team of CBI officials and officers from the Juvenile Justice Board, said on Monday that he was forced by the investigating officers to make the confession.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Saturday refuted the allegations levelled by the father of the accused student in the Pradyuman murder case that his son was being tortured in the custody. The minor accused admitted his crime saying that he had killed Pradyuman to delay the exams and parent-teacher meeting.

As the CBI investigates a Class 11 student for the murder of Pradyuman Thakur at the Ryan International School in Gurgaon, the role of four policemen has emerged in the alleged fudging of evidence to incriminate a schoolbus conductor for the crime.

The CBI arrested the Class 11 student and charged him with murder last week.

The initial eight seconds of the CCTV footage shows alleged accused - a Class XI student - calling Pradyuman to the washroom.

He also looked up methods to remove fingerprints from the knife that he meant to use to commit murder, the sources added. "There were many clues which a cop won't normally miss", a CBI officer said on Monday. This is a conspiracy hatched by the school administration and the police.

The Juvenile Justice Board had directed CBI to allow child welfare committee (CWC) to probe the social activities of the murder suspect and profile his behaviour, likings and followings on the social front. CBI officials say that this is not a setback to the investigation.

The SIT team of the Gurugram Police were the first ones to investigate Pradyuman's killing and had on the day of the incident arrested the school bus conductor nearly asserting him as the main culprit.

The accused student has been sent to Faridabad observation home where he will be kept until the next hearing in the case on November 22.

Pradhuman Thakur, the seven-year-old boy, was found near the toilet of Ryan International School with his throat slit on September 8 morning within an hour of his father leaving him at the school.