Wednesday, 17 October, 2018

Google Doodle pays tribute to hole puncher on its 131st anniversary

Google Doodle pays tribute to hole puncher on its 131st anniversary Google Doodle pays tribute to hole puncher on its 131st anniversary
Melinda Barton | 14 November, 2017, 13:52

A cornerstone of stationery cupboards across the globe, the hole puncher celebrates its 131st anniversary today (November 14).

Google Doodle marked the 131st anniversary of this invention Tuesday. The animation shows a sheet of paper doing a little jig after being punched.

A couple of Years ago, Sir, Friedrich Soennecken documented an everlasting and surprising patent for the opening puncher or what shall we say a Papierlocher fur Sammelmappen that's we it's named.

The basic design of the hole puncher has not changed much since Soennecken invented it.

In addition to the hole puncher, he is also accredited to the "round writing" style of calligraphy, and the famous fountain pen nib that made the technique both possible and accessible. Soennecken, who was the son of a blacksmith, has several inventions to his credit. Soennecken is now a German company that makes office supplies, and images of its early products are available on this archived web page.

The sole goal of a hole puncher is to punch holes in paper, so that sheets can be bound together.

Meanwhile, single-hole punchers have been used by train conductors for decades as an easy way to validate tickets.

It still uses a lever and spring system, but these days standardised hole punchers have an added compartment to collect the paper confetti left behind.

In 1992, Bernadette Chenard, a professional paper-craft-artist who formerly used leather punches and standard hole punches to create shapes from paper, was exhausted of the sound of the hammer pounding on the paper and the difficulty in achieving professional results. A year later the first decorative paper puncher was launched, bringing a new trend in the market. This year, however, Google has skipped the doodle for India and instead has posted a doodle to celebrate 131 years of the hole puncher.