Monday, 10 December, 2018

Dallas Prosecutor Fired After Alleged Rant Against Uber Driver

In an audio recording made by Platt a woman believed to be Warner can be heard warning Platt that he is going to regret calling police and calling him'an idiot Dallas Prosecutor Fired After Alleged Rant Against Uber Driver
Melinda Barton | 14 November, 2017, 23:26

In an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Platt said Warner appeared intoxicated when he picked her up outside a bar in Dallas.

Platt recorded part of the conversation and accused Warner of hitting, insulting and falsely alleging he was kidnapping her. Platt says he summoned police when Warner refused to exit his vehicle.

Platt said he eventually called the police and an officer took Warner away. Platt posted to Facebook an audio recording of the encounter.

"We learned about the post in which you reference early Saturday morning and our office immediately launched an investigation, which is ongoing", the office of Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson said in a statement. Johnson issued a statement which said, "Her behavior is contrary to this office's core principle of integrity, and it will not be tolerated". "I encourage you, the public, to look beyond this incident and recognize that our prosecutors work hard each day to seek justice on your behalf".

The incident happened last Friday night when Warner, who admitted to drinking a bit too much, called for an Uber to take her back home from a pub.

Platt did not file criminal charges against Warner.

Platt: I'm asking you politely to please step out of my vehicle.

At one point, she allegedly threatened him that he could be charged with kidnapping.

Warner was tearful Tuesday, and said, "I'm very sorry for the language I used". "You're kidnapping me. You're committing a third- to first-degree felony". He says, "I'm waiting for the cops".

Warner: I want to go home so badly, but you're so stupid.

"I cringe whenever I hear or think about the things that I said that night". But the cop and Warner, who was 'let off the hook, ' left in a police auto, he told the Dallas Morning News.

"I think this might be kidnapping right now, actually", she says. "Just take me home, dude".

Contacted by HuffPost on Monday, a spokesperson for Dallas police said, "We're still trying to gather information about this case". From there the Uber driver pulled over, while initially hesitating to call cops, saying he wanted to give Warner a 'chance' after she told him she was a district attorney. He also alleged to the Dallas newspaper that Warner said she "knows people" and added, "Who are they going to believe?"

"There's two sides to every event", Schulte tweeted. However, others on Twitter were extremely unkind to Warner after listening to the audio and came to the defense of Platt, the driver, who is pictured above.

Jody Warner had worked in the unit prosecuting crimes against children, the Dallas Morning News reports.

He reported the incident to Uber, anxious that his passenger would follow through with her threats, and said he only wanted an apology from Warner for "belittling" him and "way worse". "I'm sure she's a good person when she's sober".