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Toronto police locate 3 missing Chinese students linked to ransom scam

Yue ‘Kandy’ Liu Toronto police locate 3 missing Chinese students linked to ransom scam
Kristopher Love | 13 November, 2017, 19:34

Yue (Kandy) Liu, 17, was one of three Chinese nationals studying in Canada that police said went after becoming targets of a kidnapping scam.

Police have said they believe the disappearances are linked to a scam in which students are told to go into hiding and stay off social media to avoid having their relatives overseas hurt. The students, police allege, were warned that their family back home in China would be in danger if they did not comply.

The families in China are then informed the student has been kidnapped and told to pay a large ransom.

No actual abductions are believed to have taken place.

Juanwen Zhang, 20, was found safe on Saturday but Ke (Jaden) Xu, 16, is still missing.

Ke "Jaden" Xu, 16, was last seen on Thursday at 10:30 a.m., in the Eglinton Avenue East and Midland Avenue area.

Investigators have not yet released any information about possible suspects in the case.

Police said they have no evidence to suggest any of the students were actually abducted.

Const. Caroline de Kloet said Monday that the investigation into who contacted the students is ongoing.

Xu was last seen near Eglinton Avenue East and Midland Avenue on November 9 at around 10:30 a.m.

Douglas-Cook told CTV News Channel that Zhang was made aware that she was a victim of a scam thanks to social media and text messages from family and friends. He is described as standing six-foot-one with a thin build, short black hair and brown eyes.