Saturday, 20 October, 2018

Keurig and other companies pull ads from 'Hannity' following Roy Moore interview

Keurig other brands cut ad ties with Hannity — and get caught in a social media maelstrom At least five companies said over the weekend that they will no longer advertise their products during Fox News"Hannity."More
Nellie Chapman | 13 November, 2017, 04:25

"An attempt to divert attention from the true issues that effect the country like health care, military readiness, tax reform or national debt", Moore said. and Keurig are no longer advertising with Fox News' "Hannity" show after the Fox News host's coverage of Alabama GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore's sexual misconduct allegations. and Keurig both said they are stopping their ads from airing during the show after being questioned about the advertisements on Twitter.

The news didn't go over well with any of Hannity's viewers who started a new hashtag titled, #BoycottKeurig, to protest the company's decision to retract their ads from his show.

Outraged fans of Sean Hannity have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration at Keurig after the coffee maker pulled its ads from the Fox News host's show. The #BoycottKeurig hasthtag is now trending on Twitter and you can find some fun videos of people destroying their coffee makers if you've got some time to kill today.

Fox News did not comment on the fleeing advertisers.

In a report from the Washington Post, the publication reported Moore allegedly tried to pursue romantic relationships with teenagers when he was in his thirties. Moore has vehemently and repeatedly denied the allegations.

You are now sponsoring Sean Hannity's show. The 70-year-old former judge is claiming the accusations are part of a conspiracy against his campaign for a December special election.

Media Matters helped pressure several advertisers into pulling their ads from "Hannity" over the weekend.

You probably should boycott Keurig, again, because of the mediocre coffee and awful environmental effects of all those pods that most people don't go through the trouble of recycling since you have to actually remove all the used up coffee grounds and aluminum.