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Eight-year-old driver killed in Australia drag race crash

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Melinda Barton | 13 November, 2017, 06:05

An eight-year-old girl who suffered life-threatening injuries in a drag racing crash at Perth Motorplex has died, police say.

Anita, who turned eight on Thursday, lost control of her dragster just before 2pm yesterday and reportedly slammed into a wall near an exit gate.

'Our baby girl is getting the best of care.

The impact of the crash was so great, paramedics on scene had to revive Anita before rushing her to Rockingham Hospital.

She died from her injuries on Sunday afternoon, police said.

A young girl has died after sustaining life-threatening injuries, after she lost control of her drag-racing vehicle and crashed into a cement barrier during a test run at Perth Motorplex on Saturday.

Anita's father Ian earlier said the family was thankful for the "love and support" of friends, family and the motorsport community, Perth Now reported.

The siblings were among 26 entrants for the Goldenstates Junior Dragster event.

Police said they were investigating the cause of the accident.

The motorsports-loving Board family, from Aubin Grove, said on their Facebook page that she celebrated her birthday by going go-karting to get more practice before trying to secure her licence.

Before Anita's death, their father Ian J Board posted a photo of the girls in a auto, saying "Our angel setting (out) on what was meant to be (a) day to remember for all the right reasons".

Anita comes from a drag racing family and their Facebook page has numerous videos and posts of the young girl in and around cars.

Racing was suspended for several hours at the venue in Kwinana Beach after the crash, before the track was eventually reopened about 5:00pm. Beginners drive what are known as "tin pots" that can reach top speeds of 40-50km/h.