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Here is What the Celestial Event Means — Venus Jupiter conjunction

Theresa Hayes | 12 November, 2017, 18:20

The moon shines along with Venus, glowing in the centre of the image is Venus and, to its right, Jupiter.

According to space.com, Venus will rise in Ireland around 5:56am on Monday morning and will be followed closely by Jupiter at 5:58am.

The two planets will appear exceptionally bright and will be visible without a telescope, especially in the Northern Hemisphere.

It is, however, not the first time this celestial event has occurred. While Venus and Jupiter are 416 million miles apart, they will appear as if the two planets are orbiting the Sun side by side for a brief period.

The conjunction will be slightly more hard to watch in the United States, because sunrise comes earlier than in Britain.

Venus and Jupiter will both be visible in the eastern sky, staying low on the horizon.

Like any astronomical event, the conjunction will be best viewed in a rural location away from any light and pollution.

Venus will appear together with Jupiter just before sunrise.

Viewers in NY will see the Jupiter rise first at 5.26am, with Venus coming at 5.31am, according to Space.com.

The phenomenon will be visible to the naked eye itself but if you want to have a clearer view for yourself, it's probably best to use use a telescope or binoculars.

On the East Coast of the U.S., the planets will rise at about 5:30 a.m. local time, according to Space.com, followed by sunrise between 6:30 a.m. and 6:50 a.m., depending on your location. A hill or high viewing point can ensure that your view is unobstructed.

The conjunction also happened in 2015 and 2016, when the two planets appeared even closer together.

Anyone too far west of NY will miss the actual conjunction, though Venus and Jupiter will rise hight in the sky than for the United Kingdom: 12.8 degrees and 12.9 degrees respectively.