Wednesday, 24 October, 2018

81 al-Shabaab militants killed in Somalia operations

US military says it has killed several Al Shabaab militants in an airstrike in Somalia US military says it has killed several Al Shabaab militants in an airstrike in Somalia
Melinda Barton | 12 November, 2017, 20:21

The US military announced Thursday it had killed "several militants" in a drone strike against Al-Shabaab extremist group in Somalia.

News agency AFP said the attack took place early on November 10 about 100 miles west of Mogadishu, in the Bay region in the center of the country.

The two different operations were carried out by the Somalian forces and global partners, the Anadolu Agency quoted Information Minister Abdurahman Osman as saying.

Africom, which has in the past conducted counterterrorism airstrikes against the terror group in Somalia, said its special forces will continue to use all authorized and appropriate measures to protect Americans and to disable terrorist threats.

The operation comes one week after USA forces conducted its first airstrikes against ISIS in Somalia.

Al Shabaab has joined Al Qaeda in 2012, and invited foreign jihadists in Somalia to fight against the UN-backed Federal government protected by African Union forces (AMISOM).

US forces observed the al-Shabaab combatant participating in attacks on a USA and Somali convoy and afterwards conducted the raid under collective self-defence authorities, read the statement seen by GO.

Al Shabab, which emerged in 2006 from the now-defunct Islamic Courts Union, launched its own insurgency against major cities in Somalia in 2009, seizing the capital and much of southern Somalia until it was pushed out by domestic and worldwide forces around 2012.

Last Friday, United States forces carried out airstrikes against an Islamic State-affiliated Shabab splinter group, operating in the central Somali region of Puntland. It was Somalia's worst-ever attack and one of the world's deadliest in years.