Friday, 14 December, 2018

South Park: Phone Destroyer Out Now on iOS and Android

South Park Phone Destroyer Alongside a launch trailer
Theresa Hayes | 11 November, 2017, 20:27

South Park: Phone Destroyer brings you iconic South Park characters, action packed real-time strategy, exploding PvP battles, trademark South Park humor and collectible cards in a ideal mix that's spicier than Cartman's chili con carne ...

Available for free on Android and iOS, South Park: Phone Destroyer sees you take on the role of the new kid in town, in a game of cowboys against Native Americans. Ubisoft's free-to-play, microtransaction-based game launches with a warning about free-to-play, microtransaction-based games. In addition, it shows us several sequences of the title and its battle system, where the use of certain cards will be very important.

FEATURES - A whole new South Park experience with new and twisted versions of iconic characters like Stan of Many Moons, Cyborg Kenny, Ninjew Kyle, Grand Wizard Cartman... and many more!

Players can collect and upgrade over 80 cards with optional in-app purchases for greater rewards.

This being South Park, you will find all of your favorite characters and voices in the game, as well as what seems to be a rather intriguing storyline. There's also a PvP mode where you can use the cards you've unlocked to compete against other players. Phone Destroyer offers real-time PvP battles, but also a single player story, which has been co-developed with South Park Digital Studios. "In-app purchases cost real money and are charged to your account and for those reasons, this game should not be played by anyone". "To disable the ability to make in-app purchases, adjust your device settings".