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Bigg Boss 11 SHOCKER: Sabyasachi Satpathy becomes new captain of the house

Bigg Boss 11 SHOCKER: Sabyasachi Satpathy becomes new captain of the house Bigg Boss 11 SHOCKER: Sabyasachi Satpathy becomes new captain of the house
Sherri Watson | 11 November, 2017, 09:59

If he survives, he will succeed Puneesh Sharma as a captain. However, Luv doesn't answer him.

Meanwhile, in the jail, Hina Khan gets upset with Vikas and says Vikas wants to become dictator of the house. The task today is all about protecting and collecting eggs!

The three contenders have to convince the other contestants to place their egg in their nest. The three competitors had to make other contestants hand over their eggs.

Sabyasachi won the captaincy task and everyone seemed to be celebrating.

As Vikas stood near Sabyasachi's nest, Priyank insisted he did not trust the TV producer and Hina added to the chorus saying that Vikas was trying to sabotage Sabyasachi's game. The contestant with maximum number of eggs will win the task and be declared the new captain of the house. But there is a catch!

Later, Bigg Boss announces the task for the captaincy in which each contestant has one egg and they have to give those eggs to the contestant whom they want to see as a captain.

Everyone agreed that Sabhyasachi would be the best captain and supported him. While the task is going on, Vikas and Priyank get into a serious argument, and Vikas says that Priyank is simply finding excuses to pick a fight. He gets a power wherein he has to free one of the three prisoners. Hiten further said that he has changed completely and now he will make people suffer and make their lives hell. Arshi overacts and is enthusiastic for Sabyasachi.Hina and Benafsha tease Akash for not becoming the captain again. It is a joyful end to an episode that began with a fight. Hina does not like it one bit and lashes out at Arshi, who keeps laughing. The boys have to run through various hurdles and reach a point where in their respective partners clean their face thoroughly, and whichever pair completes the task in least time will be declared the victor. Akash also accepted that he emerged a victor by handing over his egg.

Post captaincy task, the housemates will gather for the Garnier Men All Clear task where three pairs will take part - Priyank-Benafsha, Puneesh-Bandgi and Akash-Arshi.