Friday, 15 February, 2019

"Harry Potter" Version of Pokémon Go Debuts

Screengrab via Harry Potter and the Prison of Azkaban  Google Play Screengrab via Harry Potter and the Prison of Azkaban Google Play
Stacy Diaz | 10 November, 2017, 08:21

It's being co-developed by Warner Bros. Players will move through their physical world to collect power-ups and defend locations (presumably, similar to Pokémon Go's gym system). There were rumors past year that the developer was going to make a Harry Potter version of Pokémon GO, but they were debunked.

Like Pokémon Go, the game's emphasis will be on going out and exploring the real world through a smartphone and its camera.

The makers of the popular Pokemon Go app, Niantic, are teaming up with Warner Brothers to create an augmented-reality game for Harry Potter fans. In the game, players learn spells and fight "legendary" beats - teaming up with others to take down more powerful enemies.

Wizards Unite, which will be released next year, will look to tap into the franchise's massive and dedicated fan base to launch with the same hype as Pokémon GO.

"Harry Potter: Wizards Unite uses state-of-the-art augmented reality technology to reveal the magic all around us". In regards to the "learn and cast spells" bit, that has a lot of promise to feel great using your phone's motion sensors and I can only imagine which "mysterious artifacts" we'll be able to find. Interactive and its new sub brand Portkey Games.

Those are the only details we have so far, but they're enough to get us excited about Wizards Unite and all the cool things that Niantic could do with the franchise.