Thursday, 18 October, 2018

"Electronic Arts to buy maker of 'Titanfall" videogame series

TODO alt text "Electronic Arts to buy maker of 'Titanfall" videogame series
Sherri Watson | 10 November, 2017, 01:24

Respawn will also receive bonuses tied to Metacritic scores for both its upcoming Star Wars game and the unannounced Titanfall 3, according to that documentation.

EA said in a press release that the deal is worth $455 million, a number that includes cash, equity, and performance milestone payments.

Early past year, EA announced that it had contracted Respawn to make a Star Wars action game, in addition to the Battlefront series and what was then planned as a Star Wars action-adventure from Visceral, which has since been canceled. A full statement from Respawn head honcho Vince Zampella can be read here.

EA today announced that it has agreed to buy Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment for a total of $315 million, with considerations for up to $164 million more provided their games do well enough.

Respawn Entertainment will soon be part of EA's wholly-owned ring of development studios.

Electronic Arts (EA -2%) has a deal to acquire Respawn Entertainment, the studio that created the Titanfall franchise. "Together, we've brought this to life in the Titanfall franchise, and now with the Respawn team joining EA, we have exciting plans to accomplish even more incredible things in the future".

Regarding this acquisition, Zampella said, "We have worked together a long time from the inception of the studio". "We see the need for bigger resources to make bigger games". This announcement comes only weeks after EA revealed that it would close down Visceral Games and transfer the development of its Star Wars project to another team. Though West eventually left the studio, Zampella has remained a lead figure for the Titanfall games, which have been published by EA. "This is a great next step for Respawn, EA, and our players". The studio's first two Titanfall games were published by EA.