Monday, 10 December, 2018

Alleged pictures of 'Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s' show iPhone X-like notch

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Alleged image of the Mi Mix 2s showing the iPhone X-like notch on topWeibo
Sherri Watson | 10 November, 2017, 11:58

Xaiomi might have previously initiated working on its third - generation Mi MIX edge-to-edge display smartphone. Some leaked images of the Mi Mix 2s having an iPhone X-like notch at the top of the display appeared on Weibo, a very popular social media platform in China. If the rumors are to be believed and there is a notch on the screen this moves the selfie camera to a more natural position and this should reduce the bottom bezel.

It is not just the front camera placement that has similarity to Apple iPhone X, but also the upper bezel, which features a u-shaped cutout that will remind users of iPhone X. The best thing is that it seems the upper bezel will provide the information regarding the status of the battery and the strength of the network. However, a report from Android Central claims the device is in fact the Mi Mix 2 and not its successor. So, there's a possibility that Xiaomi will include the proximity sensor, earpiece, and front-facing camera in the notch itself like how Apple did with the iPhone X. However, the company is known to be "inspired" from Apple for most of its products and it seems that they are at it again for their flagship Mi MIX 2. So, take this new Mi Mix 2s leak with a grain of salt and there's no confirmation from Xiaomi as of now on the Mi Mix 2s.

The Mi MIX 2 is not going to be the only bezel-less phone from Xiaomi. The bezel-less phone rivals the iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 in the premium smartphone segment. Chinese Twitter corresponding Weibo has some images ostensibly demanding to show the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s which can be assumed to be a modification of some sort to the present Mi MIX 2 smartphone. Xiaomi MI MIX 2 has been priced Rs. 35,999 in India.