Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

Google Pixel 2 XL users now facing flashing screen issue

Google Pixel 2 XL Google Pixel 2 XL users now facing flashing screen issue
Theresa Hayes | 09 November, 2017, 09:41

Do you think that Pixel 2 XL's OLED panel by LG is of dismal quality?

Among the several issues still plaguing the Google Pixel 2/2 XL, there's one that causes the phone's microphone to not work in some critical scenarios, like during a call or while using Assistant. The new phones, especially the Pixel 2 XL, looked to build upon the success of the original Pixel, but instead they have been repeatedly crashing and burning due to unforeseen issues. While this flash doesn't occur every time, the issue started after the phone was purchased. One of the users wrote on the forum, "I'm not sure why, but the Pixel 2 XL screen flashes when unlocking (fingerprint and lock button), when the screen wakes up because of notifications, when the screen dims and the phone locks, and when manually locking". "I did reboot in Safe Mode and happened but once I rebooted normally it has not happened again", wrote the user. However, turning off the ambient display does seem to work, at least for now. Google has always passed production tasks to an OEM and for the Pixel 2, the production duty is passed to LG.

Set to replace the "vivid colors" display previously available, Google has rolled out with three new "color profile" options; "boosted", "natural" and "saturated". Still, some users preferred the saturated colors on screen.

If you've had your Pixel 2 XL for more than a few days without this problem, it's unlikely you'll come across it. This has also been reported when giving voice commands on the affected devices. I was able to replicate the issue by blowing into the bottom speaker. Yes.