Thursday, 18 October, 2018

Bezel-less iPad Pro renders envision what Apple could launch next year

Theresa Hayes | 09 November, 2017, 00:29

Today's details from Bloomberg shared that next year's iPad Pros will adopt Face ID, which KGI also recently predicted.

This is one of the big selling points for the iPhone X over its predecessors, and even though it's disappointing to hear that it won't come to next year's iPad, it's understandable given that Apple had enough trouble securing enough OLED supply for its phone, let alone much larger contrast-rich screens for this rumored tablet.

Would you prefer an edge-to-edge iPad with Face ID?

With the recent news making the 2018 iPad Pro updates seem more and more likely, Benjamin Geskin has shared how stunning an nearly bezel-less iPad Pro could be.

But by removing the home button entirely, Apple will be able to further shrink the bezels around the screen. However, the report says that the new iPads will also drop the Home button/Touch ID, something that KGI's recent report didn't mention.

The new iPad will apparently not have a new OLED display, which is on the iPhone X and is more colorful than other displays.

Next year may bring the launch of a high-end iPad model that offers the same facial recognition technology found on the new iPhone X, according to sources. (I think I'd value that more than Face ID, personally.) Bloomberg estimates that the launch is about a year out, so we might not see it until fall 2018, and the report warns that Face ID integration could be nixed due to supply issues between now and then.

The iPad business used to be a huge profit driver for Apple, but revenue has fallen as overall tablet sales have declined in the past few years.